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From: $35.00 / month

Create & sell your protected content with this custom WordPress Course Portal. This customizable plugin has a one step install onto any WordPress site and can be used for one or more courses. Along with your purchase you’ll receive an API Key for the download as well as how-to videos.

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A Video Walkthrough

Take a peek at the course portal as we show you what you get when you install it as well as what it looks like when you fully customize it and add your own content! Have a question for us? Feel free to reach out!

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The details

No Transaction Fees

Unlike other companies, we don’t charge you on your sales. There are no hidden fees when you purchase our Course Portal – only the monthly or annual subscription fees.

Easy Customizations

Change your colors, fonts, logos & images with ease. Everything is customizable to your brand at no additional charge.

Unlimited Courses & More

Purchase it once, and get unlimited courses, users & students. That means you can have 1 course or multiple with no additional fees.

No Coding Required

Our developers have done the hard work so you don’t have to. All the customizations are incredibly user-friendly and simply require you to upload assets or write copy.

Video Resources

We’ve recorded easy-to-follow video tutorials, which you’ll get access to once you purchase the portal. These walk you through all the steps of how to set up your course portal, so there’s no guess work on your end.

Multiple Pages Built In

We’ve included a course page, lesson page, Bonus content page, FAQ page and Welcome page. You can also easily create additional pages if you need them to customize the portal to fit your needs.

“Everything looks amazing!! We LOVE IT. Seriously – the best membership site ever. I’m so so so sooooo happy with it all!”

Yasmin Kerkez, Family Support Resources

What happens after clicking “Buy Now”?

It’s always a bit nerve-racking to purchase a new product when you have no idea what happens (or what you’re supposed to do) after you buy it! We’ve created this short video, walking you through all the steps to getting your Course Portal installed on your WordPress site.

Easily customized for your brand, not ours.

Nothing’s worse than when you excitedly start using a new service, only to realize there’s a giant watermark with the company’s logo that you can’t remove (unless you pay an insane amount!) With Skye High’s Course Portal, you can easy customize it for your brand and if your main website is already on WordPress, you can add it to your domain so it’s seamlessly part of your site!

Expect monthly updates and new features!

When you subscribe to the Course Portal, you’ll receive notifications every time we release a new feature or make an improvement. By creating it using our block editor (what we use for all of our WordPress websites), we plan on adding more content blocks over time, allowing your courses to be more robust and engaging.

Upcoming Updates include:

  • Custom font uploads

Recent Feature Updates:

Introducing: Modules!

Since launching our Course Platform plug-in for WordPress, we’ve introduced a few exciting updates, one of which is the addition of Modules. What are Modules?
Modules allow you to group lessons which creates an additional layer between Courses and Lessons. You can create a group of lessons, put them into a Module, and then put your Modules in the Course. Watch the video to learn more!


What platform is this built on?

Our Course Portal is a WordPress plug-in, so it requires a new or existing WordPress site.

What do I get after purchase?

Post purchase, you’ll get an email containing the download file as well as a PDF with a link to our private resource page. You will also receive a Download and License Key. There, you will get access to comprehensive instructions guiding you through the process.

What if I'm not a "techie" person? Is that a problem?

Don’t worry – we wouldn’t expect you to be! We’ve created the Course Portal to be incredibly user-friendly and easily customizable. You can always hire our team to help customize the Portal for you! Learn more about that service here.

Can I reach out if I have a question?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to shoot us an email if you have any questions prior to purchasing.

Can I customize it for my brand?

Yes! The fonts, colors, branding and content (images and copy) is all customizable and very easy to change. You can use any font from Google or Adobe Fonts and add 4 brand colors.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of our products all purchases are final. We encourage you to view the demo video and click on the demo site link before purchasing.

Can I use it for multiple courses?

Yes! Our plugin is built to accommodate 1 course or many – so it scales with you as your business grows.

How many modules can you have in one course? Is it unlimited?

Unlimited! And yes, you can have several lessons in each module, and several modules per course.

Can I restrict my content?

Absolutely! You can drip feed your content, whether courses or modules. This can be set yo feed by the day, week, month or even year! To learn more about how this works, watch this video.

Do I need to buy anything additional?

You will need:

  • a Hosting plan for WordPress if you don’t already have one (we recommend WPEngine or Bluehost)
  • a WooCommerce Memberships subscription (in order to make a full membership area and allow for restricting content)

Optional: If you want to sell subscriptions via your Course Portal, you will need the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin

Can it be used with a Squarespace website?

This is a WordPress plug-in (not created on Squarespace), so you will need a separate domain and hosting account. However, domains are pretty cheap (roughly $20/yr) and you can get a hosting account as cheap as $3.45/month from Bluehost)

How do I host this?

You will need a hosting account for your WordPress site. We recommend starting with a Starter Plan from WPEngine, but you can choose any hosting platform you wish, i.e. Bluehost.

Can I cancel or change my account at any time?

If you sign up for the Monthly subscription, you can cancel your subscription at any time, and the Course Portal will deactivate before the end of the month.

If you sign up for the Annual subscription, your Course Portal will deactivate before the end of the year.

Can I add my own branding?

Absolutely! You have two branding opportunities – a logo that appears on the top left of the Course Portal and a secondary logo that appears on the footer. You simply need to upload your logos and they’re added!

Does the platform integrate with tools for marketing?

While the Course Portal doesn’t come with email marketing as part of the features, because it’s built on WordPress, you have access to all of the plug-ins that are available on WordPress, and can easily connect your email marketing platform this way.

How is this Course Portal different from other platforms?

This is the ONLY course portal that integrates seamlessly with your WordPress site AND looks and functions beautifully! The user experience is incredibly intuitive while it’s also robust so you can add as much content into the lessons as you want. It’s beautifully designed and created in a way where you can completely customize it yourself.

Will my course site stop working if my license expires?

Ongoing Course Portal updates are absolutely critical to the security, performance, and overall success of your course site. So if your license expires, you’ll be encouraged to renew the Course Portal. Don’t worry, though. You’ll still be able to view and edit your members and export your data. Also, the front end of your site will still continue to work just fine as long as the Course Portal is installed. To renew your license, just login to your account, and click the Downloads tab.

Can I see a demo of the platform?

Yes! Click the link at the top of the site or go here.

Do I own my own course content?

  • Absolutely! You will always own your your content and student data! We’ll never market to your students, and you can export your data at any time.

How does the demo work? Why are there 3 logins?

  1. The first is the login for the site since the demo site is on a staging environment and we need a login to access it.
  2. The WordPress login is if you want to access the back-end of the plugin to see how it works, how to edit content, and how customizable it is. It is located on the left in the “Portal Area”. To access this, add a “wp-admin” at the end of the URL listed and make sure you’re logged out first before attempting to log in as a WordPress admin.
  3. The third login is for the fake customer account we’ve created. This allows you to see how it would look from a customer’s POV who only bought a couple of the courses.

For more, watch this video.

Is the membership portal, with the modules, built in Squarespace?

Nope, WordPress! Squarespace doesn’t allow this type of complex functionality, so we had to build this on WordPress.

Will the students be able to see an overview of all the various lessons in each module?

Yes, when the module is selected, it will take them to a page with all the lessons associated to that module. It can include the title, short description and featured image for each lesson.

Is there a way to track the students progress?

Yep! You can see their progress and which lessons they’ve completed in the back-end of WordPress.

How is the payment system set up? Is it with Stripe, or Stripe and Paypal?

We use WooCommerce, which is a free plug-in in WordPress. With that, you will also need to purchase WooCommerce Memberships plug-in in order to create the membership plan and be able to restrict content.

I don't have videos as part of my course. Can I add Audio files / MP3s?

You can upload audio files just as easy as adding a video! You would simply just add it to the media folder and select it to go into a text box. An audio bar would appear for your clients to listen to and you can add a description to go with it as well!

Can I use the Course Portal as a Membership Site?

100%! The main difference between a Membership site vs. a Course Portal is that the Membership site will allow access to all content (courses, lessons, etc.) and is not a platform holding courses that need to be purchased individually.

Have another question that’s not on the list?

Email us your question and we’ll answer you as soon as we can!